Protect A Bed

Protect-A-Bed are global experts in a healthy sleep, focusing on lengthening the life of mattresses and preventing the growth of bacteria.

The company were founded in South Africa in 1980 and originally specialised in protection for car seats. In 1990, Protect-A-Bed created their first mattress protector and by 1995 their Miracle Membrane was at the forefront of healthy sleep.

In 2010, Protect-A-Bed created the bedbug proof mattress encasement, with their mattress protection 100% certified to prevent bed bugs. They were awarded the Loved by Parents Award for their range of children’s mattress protectors in 2014 and by 2015 they were recognised as a world leader in the field, having expanded to 49 countries around the world. Products are known to extend the life of mattresses by an average of 3 years.

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