Environmental Initiatives
Corporate Social Responsibility


At Guest Supply, we make it our mission to give back, not only to our customers, but to our employees, who work hard each day to provide a full service solution of excellence.

Guest Supply offers a secure and healthy environment for its employees; supporting personal development and volunteer opportunities.

We also celebrate International Women’s Day by nominating female team members annually, to highlight their success in business and help forge a more gender-balanced world.

As a global company, we work with people from a variety of backgrounds; our goal to be a diverse and inclusive organisation is essential to building a strong future for our company.


So, what are we doing to help the environment?

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of our fleet and operations
  • Use recycled and recycle shipping cartons and packaging
  • Use recycled polyester…
green footprints

Reduces landfill and demand for petroleum based products and recycle 7,000 tons of plastic equates to 318 million plastic bottles.

See our blog on the Microterry robe, which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, click here.

  • Design amenity tubes made from post-consumer resins
  • Incorporate FSC certified materials in our products

To find out more about the materials we use and the processes we embody, please see our Eco Glossary.

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