Introducing the Mini Bracket

Gilchrist & Soames presents a new disappearing mini bracket dispenser concept, launching via the English Spa Collection. 

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Naturally Kind Zero%

Sometimes there is nothing better than…nothing. 

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Awaken Your Senses

As the days get shorter and weather gets colder, awaken your senses with our unique Skin Essentials amenity line. This collection is set apart by its modern, eye-catching design and quality – a small indulgence for both traveller and hotel owner alike

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It's All About Bamboo

On 18th September 2021 we celebrate World Bamboo Day to raise awareness of bamboo globally. Bamboo is an excellent renewable resource, it’s sustainable as it grows extremely fast (bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet!) and produces a high yield. Generally, bamboo can be harvested and used in 5-6 years and plants replenish quickly once harvested

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